My GM application______Muskelo

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My GM application______Muskelo

Post  muskelo on Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:39 pm

Hello my name is jaakko I might have posted application befor but now posting again Very Happy
ING: Muskelo
I am 15 years old and lives in Finland so my time is gmt+2
I have helped ppl in burning chat when gms or u haven't been online
I haven't been gm in other servers but have got gm accs in my friends server which wasn't online so there wasn't ppl which i can help
I would like be gm and help ppl and keep some events if can
I try be online as much as I can cause got hobbies which takes time too
I try be online every day for some time I mean even if i have hobbies

That's it i think Very Happy i edit later if i remember something which could add Very Happy


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Re: My GM application______Muskelo

Post  SpearMint on Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:00 pm

is it just me or do u not speak fluent english o.O
i think your gonna need to be fluent in english to help people here ^^
its possible that you could be lying about the helping ppl in chat when noone was online.
without proof how can we be sure.

but its gms choice. im just voicing my opinion of it yaknow =]
good luck ~ Razz


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