Darkseer1 (AKA Elude~ chat :o)

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Darkseer1 (AKA Elude~ chat :o)

Post  darkseer1 on Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:25 pm

Hello there ;o My real name is Richard. Live in California of couse ^.^.
----> I want to apply for GM! Smile <----
Age: 18 , MALE.
Location (where I live) : California, OC , Orange County.
Reason I want to be gm:l First of all, lets say I have been a gm in a couple of WoW servers. I play wc3 (if u guys know what it is, I make maps on there). I played many games such as MMORPGS: Flyff , WoW (world of warcraft private server) , Silkroad , Cabal online , Trickster , and Maplestory ( Very boring game don't play!).

Flyff experience: Okay! heres my favorite part. I've been playing flyff since it was like around BETA! Yes I play flyff probably more than any other MMORPGS. I'm level 75 BP on mushpoie. Have very good green stuff on there. Level 62 blade ( hes pretty much dead and gone.) I also have a level 51 girl char named SnowyDay , Yes I failed at trying to make it girly name hehe. If you want proof, my level 75 is named Elude.

GM experience: Well, I did make a crappy Flyff server out of some weird repack thing. Found out lots of commands and had fun with a very high upgrade knuckle, +20 I think. I've also got to be honest, But I think there might be a lot of work being a gm. Some people want to be gm cause they want the powers and fun but guess what? No! they have to work and do a lot of busy things ^^. (Really, I don't mind not being a gm but i'd totally appreciate it if you accept my application). NO not the end yet!!~

Random things I like to do: I love to play basketball, I eat a lot but I am skinny some how its weird! One day I hope to become a famous basketball star :O!!!! totally doubt it though. I am currently in a team for basketball but a nooby one D:.

So yeah thats all :O! thanks for reading my application, Tim and sarah. ^^ HI THERE HATSUMI hehe. (MWUAHAHAA) If i'm accepted please mail me or just tell me on the XAT chat box.
PS: i'm on 24/7 by the ways, Yeah I don't have a life D: my eyes are horrible at seeing far right now. THANK YOU GAMES -.-

~Elude (Richard) Thankz


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Re: Darkseer1 (AKA Elude~ chat :o)

Post  SpearMint on Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:31 am

man thats long O_o LOL.
but seriously.
people dont want gm for commands.
they want gm so they can help other players in any way they can.
which i shall still do even if i dont get accepted.
nice app ^^.
but wow gm is not that much in common with flyff gm xD
ive been a wow gm its quite a burden having new players come up to u and ask questions,
but after youve helped them and they can play fine it makes u feel nice inside
knowing you done your bit in the community to help =]
well anyway,
good luck,
your apps long and that probably means your good at explaining things =]
bye ~


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