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Post  timmeijers on Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:23 am

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!!!!I have returned to "FB"!You're all happy I know anyway I will join FB again cause I'm veeery bored and now that they have refreshed everything I feel like this is an oppertunity.Well now to my questions

1.Now I know why the server is down and all and I know you guys will probably make some changes like the xp drops and stuff? as well as places and stores.
Yes, sure we make things all working fine
2.When you finish with this will Flaris finally be open to upgrade in?
Yes, normall world will be open for upgrade again Very Happy
3.And will everything start in Flaris if it won't be bugged anymore?
nope it will all work fine ^^
4.Will you guys get ALL the cs clothes?Like the skateboarder set and stuff like that.And....well I also know you guys will look for new GM's and well...well....maybe....just maybe.....you will think of me being one?XD you all know everything about me(old FB folks)Anyway I'm a punk type person 17 years old and still yes still...single.Anyway Tim ya know me XD so I don't think I need to indroduce myself that much.Sooo umm yeah thats all please answer all the questions and if you think I will me suitable or whatever to be a damn GM(I am kinda mean..punk style kinda dude...XD!!)So ya probably won't but still!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad
Uhm well i know u for shore xD ur the first one who got banned from chat :p and yeh i know u changed a little so we probably will make u able to get GM but thats just not sure yet we will have to discuss about ppl who wanna get GM so time for u guys to wait till server is up and then we will see


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