Paddeh's GM application! =D

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Paddeh's GM application! =D

Post  Paddeh on Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:06 pm

YO guys!

Finally decided to apply for GM lol! Surprised affraid

Name: Paddeh =D

Age: 16

Previous Experience: Not much tbh. have been GM for 4 not so good servers.

Why am i applying: I am applying for GM to help FlyFF Burning grow into a Prosperous server.

Why should you hire me?: Well, i love to help people with their problems in game. I am mostly online when others are AFK or away or sleeping.

Anything else: i know mostly all the basic commands. Would LOVE to help this server thrive and grow into a prosperous server o; I'm almost 24/7 in chat and can deal with 2 ppl at a time o:

Thanks for taking time to read my GM application Very Happy
Enjoy your new server!! Paddeh

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